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Championing A Different View – Self-Harm “After”

What I learned today that will make me much happier.

Physical Health vs Mental Health. What if?

What if we talked about physical health the way we discuss mental health? Pretty crazy to for someone to say, “Get over it.”  Share this with everyone you know. Let’s keep talking about mental health. ?????


This is my latest post published on HealthyPlace.com.  Whether or not you have dissociative identity disorder, the principles that move one from a survivor to a thriver are the same and can apply to anyone. Do you call yourself a… Continue Reading →

About Alter Switching in Dissociative Identity Disorder

For those of us with dissociative identity disorder, we experience extreme parts of ourselves that have their own thoughts, opinions, beliefs, wishes, needs, etc. If you have DID or know someone with DID, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms for when someone with DID is switching alters and what you can do to help.

TBT ~ Throwback Thursday to “Female Fortunato”

Welcome to Throw Back Thursday – a comparison at how crazy I used to be to how much better or worse I am now. It’s an interesting view.

How to Feel the Fear and Just “Do It Scared”

Take a peek at Wednesday Wisdom’s quote and see how it might help us to recover and feel better. Guest starring is Rocky Balboa for an inspirational speech you won’t want to miss!

My Week in Review Using Gifs

Welcome to “My Week in Review Using Gifs”.  Here is where I link back to this week’s must-read posts, and I tell you about <insert sarcasm> my glamorous week using . . . you guessed it!  Gifs. This past Monday… Continue Reading →

15 Reasons Why I Love Writing And How I Need To Change

The desire for self-expression afflicts people when they feel there is something of themselves which is not getting through to the outside world. ~ Fay Weldon My writing muse has been mute lately.  My writing has grown stale and unsatisfying… Continue Reading →

How Lack of Self-Care Might Lead to Depression

Depression.  Sometimes it happens.  I don’t know why, or maybe I do and don’t give it enough credit.  Either way, I am writing at this moment to shake off the desire to self-harm.  The urge only began a little while… Continue Reading →

If You Really Knew Me, Then You Would Know . . .

As I sat down to write this blog post, it was initially on a different topic.  I’m not narcissistic enough to think people want to 40 things about me, but I’m feeling a little introspective, so I wanted to share… Continue Reading →

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