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Conversations with my imagination

Saw Therapist again.  It was another wasted session where I refuted that I dissociate or have the diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder.  To complicate matters more for me, he never came out and said, “Yes, you do have D.I.D.” which… Continue Reading →

Safety at a premium

In one of my writing courses in college to be an English teacher, we were taught not to wait until we had something to say or a topic on our mind in order to write. We were instructed to write… Continue Reading →

Slowly coming back

I do not even know what to write. Silence grips me. I try to speak but only gasps for air come out. I lay down my life with the memories, sensations, and flashbacks luring me back to childhood. I feel… Continue Reading →


I feel so emotional. The least little thing is provoking tears. I never cry, so why are these tears so special? I’m living in a dark place where no one can see me or touch me. I do not feel… Continue Reading →

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