This is my latest post published on  Whether or not you have dissociative identity disorder, the principles that move one from a survivor to a thriver are the same and can apply to anyone. Do you call yourself a survivor or a thriver?  What does it mean to survive and thrive?  One dictionary defines... Continue Reading →

About Alter Switching in Dissociative Identity Disorder

For those of us with dissociative identity disorder, we experience extreme parts of ourselves that have their own thoughts, opinions, beliefs, wishes, needs, etc. If you have DID or know someone with DID, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms for when someone with DID is switching alters and what you can do to help.

“Must we Process All Trauma to heal?”

Do we need to remember and process all traumatic memories in order to heal from dissociative identity disorder (DID)?  When it comes to the complicated disorder of DID, there frequently are more questions than there are answers, and the explanation of the above question is no less difficult.  Before I provide an answer, it is important to understand the way our emotional traumatic memories work and what it actually means to process and heal from them.

3 Blogging Goals to Make 2018 My Most Successful Year Ever

Neil Patel said that blogging is like fishing.  "Some people do it all the time and never catch anything . . . while others catch everything."  I am one who never catches anything, so I've decided to do something about it. Writing blogging and branding goals is not everyone's cup of tea; it's not mine either.... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Take Back Your Power

      There is something we all have in common no matter where we're from or what we've been through:  most of us have the desire for power and control over ourselves and our life and circumstances.  Perhaps events in your life have you feeling victimized, or maybe your circumstances have left you  feeling powerless... Continue Reading →

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