Why do we love sunflowers so much?

Sunflowers are considered to be the happiest of the flowers, vibrant and energetic.  Their meaning includes loyalty and longevity, or long life.  Sunflowers, or more so their petals, are on the hunt for the sun.  Wherever the sun goes, the flower, and we, follow.  It’s a chase, a pursuit, a quest to find the warmest, most comforting rays.  We’ve always loved the sun, embraced the sun, wanted to feel the affection of the sun on our face.  Sunflowers make us happy.  Sunflowers chase away the gloominess and darkness of our past, and nourish us with golden rays of happiness and brightly shining joys.  No matter what we go through or how bad it gets, we will always find our happiness in the brilliance of the sunflower and the sun.

3 thoughts on “Why do we love sunflowers so much?”

  1. Excellent about the sunflowers. I actually wrote a short true story about when I was about 7 or 8 and a field of sunflowers were instrumental in sending me home after I was in the process of running away. Good luck with your writing. I am following. – Robert

    1. Thank you for following me. I truly feel happy around sunflowers. They can change a bad mood into a pleasant mood. My whole kitchen is decorated in sunflowers to keep me happy. I am curious why you were running away. Please feel free to share if you are comfortable. My email address is missinginsight@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon whether it’s on the blog or in my email. Take care.

      1. I got busted (or so I thought) up on the roof of the house again and decided to leave before my dad got home and learned about it. Didn’t get very far, thanks to a little old man and a field of sunflowers. They have meant quite a bit to me since then too. – Robert

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