Why Are We Called ‘Missing In Sight’?

The name Missing In Sight was born a decade ago, around our third time being diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Our name came about because we felt that even though people could see our physical face, they weren’t seeing the persons or members behind the face.  You might see the face of Becca, but someone else may be evidencing and talking in her place.  So we felt that though our face was in sight and the face of Becca could be seen, people were still missing who we are.  Many times we hide behind the eyes of the person fronting because we want to listen or have something to say but aren’t ready.  So while you may think you’re talking to Becca, you might actually be talking to someone else in our system.

It’s nothing of which to be scared or alarmed.  Becca eventually gets the message.  And if you talk to us, most likely the person you know will come out and respond as if nothing has happened.

So keep talking, reading, tweeting, and commenting.  We are getting the messages.   Missing In Sight will always be here.

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