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Championing a Different View – Self-Harm “Before”

Are more people really staring at my self-harm scars? A brief video on my thoughts and fears before going to the water park. ┬áPlease stay tuned for a later post with commentary on what I discovered about people looking at… Continue Reading →

Tales from the visits with Mother-In-Law

I went out of town for a few days.  Not a vacation.  More like looking after recently widowed Mother-In-Law.  I love her dearly, but she came back with me for a week, and I’m already nervous.  My dissociation has heightened… Continue Reading →


Trigger Warning YOU ARE NOT SAFE, NOT EVEN CLOSE. I am quite uneasy; be still my nerves.  An unknown nagging feeling keeps jabbing at the back of my mind, worrying me, filling me with concern and disrupting my thoughts.  … Continue Reading →

I can probably thing of one second of my life where I felt free, not tied down by the rules and laws of whatever vice I am about to give to. I look at the girls in my dining hall… Continue Reading →

A picture is worth a thousand hateful, ugly words

I’m sitting here dissociating like hell. I feel them right behind my eyes. Heaven help me. I hope this post makes sense. When I was importing my photos to my computer, I saw some my husband, D. had taken of… Continue Reading →

8th world wonder

I’m the 8th world wonder. No one can figure me out. I defy explanation. I’m either immersed in anorexia or burning my arm off. I’ve gained weight. I can see it, I can feel it, I can sense it, and… Continue Reading →

History repeats itself

I truly believe my classes are killing me. This is one of the worse weekends I’ve had in ages. We are to write about three memories we have. Holy Hell! Give me a break. And we have to write before… Continue Reading →

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