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Me Vs. Anxiety – A Need-to-Watch Video

I have another great video for you to watch.  This time we poke fun at the anxiety voice in our heads.  I hope you caught the first video I shared on Wednesday regarding what it would sound like if we… Continue Reading →

Can you relate? Do others in your life not understand you? Let them go.

My Week In Review Using Gifs ~ Week 3

Week beginning Monday, January 15, 2018. Welcome to my week in review for the second week of January.  This is a weekly Sunday series where I discuss what I’ve done how my week has been using Gifs.  Please view this… Continue Reading →

Dear us, We Need to Talk

Dear Us, We need to talk.  I don’t know exactly how to start this conversation, but let me first say that I’m sorry I have not been your friend for ages and beyond. We learned early what it was like… Continue Reading →

Simplified Story Of My Life As Told In Gifs

Welcome to the simplified story of my life. First, when I was born, I was already causing problems. I grew up as a misfit.  Nobody liked me, and I had no friends.  I was bullied mercilessly. In my teens, anxiety… Continue Reading →

Music Monday – Make Yourself “Invincible”

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Invincible: Unbeatable.  Indestructible.  Powerful.  Strong.  The former words can all used to describe Music Monday’s empowering anthem by Pat Benetar called “Invincible.”  Benetar sings the personal and authoritative fight song that will make you rise… Continue Reading →

Positive Quotes: Do They Annoy You and What You Can Do About It

Do people who think positively annoy you? Why is there a backlash against inspirational messages and positive quotes? Keep reading to understand the correlation to our self-talk and our reactions to positivity.

Music Monday – Sia and 5 ways to “Never Give Up”

Welcome to Music Monday. We check out Sia’s explosive and inspirational anthem called “Never Give Up” and find 5 ways to keep on moving forward.

Music Monday – Vol 3 – James Arthur Recovery

James Arthur – Recovery James Arthur is a British singer who won the British show  X Factor and fell from grace due to an in appropriate comment he made for which he later apologized.  The song below is more about looking yourself in the… Continue Reading →


Always have to start with Maybelline.  She’s the beginning and the end of my world. Today sucks.  I hate today.  I feel depressed because I’m fat.  I am having some distressing gastrointestinal issues going on, and they are wreaking havoc… Continue Reading →

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