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“Must we Process All Trauma to heal?”

Do we need to remember and process all traumatic memories in order to heal from dissociative identity disorder (DID)?  When it comes to the complicated disorder of DID, there frequently are more questions than there are answers, and the explanation of the above question is no less difficult.  Before I provide an answer, it is important to understand the way our emotional traumatic memories work and what it actually means to process and heal from them.

If the Truth Were Told

I even said a prayer before my session with Therapist today and asked God that I not be so guarded and to help me be open to change.  But what transpired between me and Therapist was more than I bargained… Continue Reading →

Time’s Confessions

The thick, heavy hours creep behind me, lethargically following me into my personal hell. Life slows down and elongates itself into eternity. Time spawns replicas of itself, burgeoning forth as every instant feels like infinity. Each second hurls itself at me, expectantly… Continue Reading →

Slowly coming back

I do not even know what to write. Silence grips me. I try to speak but only gasps for air come out. I lay down my life with the memories, sensations, and flashbacks luring me back to childhood. I feel… Continue Reading →

Home of the apathetic and tired

I’m tired. It’s more than not getting enough sleep or the tired you feel after a long day of work. I’m tired to the core of my being. I think my brain has stopped working. My body is lethargic and… Continue Reading →

Ramblings of a gone mind

I’m not okay. I’m feeling rather rabid and English. The words are coming from somewhere else. I don’t know what to do with myself. I know what I should do, but “shoulds” are woulds that can’t help themselves. I feel… Continue Reading →

Lengths to getting better.

What a weekend! It was filled with errands, sleep, and taking my god-daughters to a movie and shopping. We had assignments by our T. to complete and haven’t been as productive as we would have liked; nevertheless, we did do… Continue Reading →

Empty words = pink hair

We’ve been working on the piece for our writing class at the university. this class is on how to teach writing to adolescents and high schoolers; however, we have to go through the writing process ourselves so we can empathize… Continue Reading →

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