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Surviving Myself

 Despite myself and sabotaging my own efforts, I keep surviving. It isn’t pretty, but I’m doing it. I read a post today from a regular blogger to whom I subscribe that reinforced her description of her blog. She related it… Continue Reading →

Long Run Ramblings

This post is a couple of days late, but it’s still time for some long run ramblings on recovery. To see other ways recovery is like running a marathon, look at 1/2 Marathon Musings and The Marathon of Recovery. This… Continue Reading →

Life in the stress lane

First things first, I didn’t post yesterday, but got in a tough 8.5 mile run, with a 1 mile warm-up.  When I finished my run, I decided to walk up the trail to the shopping center at the top of… Continue Reading →

Book Snob

I have one book left to read for the summer, and need some more. Now since I’m a pathetically poor college student, I’m on a tight budget. No bueno for someone who is a voracious reader and needs books to… Continue Reading →

All in a days work

So what does an obsessive, compulsive runner do on her rest day without giving in to bad behaviors? She, along with her Crew, try on different perspectives and outlets to channel her running energy. So that’s what we did today…. Continue Reading →

1/2 Marathon Musings

*sigh* Okay. At the behest of Dietician, I am bowing out of the Atlanta marathon on October 30. When I told Dietician I had scheduled the ½ marathon for October 2 and would run the full marathon October 30, she… Continue Reading →

Clicks and shifts

Today something clicked in me. It was hard to obey the click. But I knew what the consequences would be if I didn’t listen to what the click was telling me. It began last night when I decided I wanted… Continue Reading →


This is filed under the category of TMI, but, oh well. I’m going to share something with you I’m not proud of. Here goes: The mess in the room is so bad, I couldn’t even get in the room to… Continue Reading →

The marathon of recovery

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”–Thomas EdisonThis isn’t an ode to Father’s Day post. I have issues with Father’s Day. I have issues with fathers. I plain have issues. But… Continue Reading →

Growing up

I tried on a new me today. As I mentioned in my previous post, Lost and Found, I had plans today to put on my grownup, big girl shorts and attitude and drive my fraidy-cat self to down-town Atlanta for… Continue Reading →

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