I always hold my breath when I read over previous posts. I never know, or seldom know, what they will say because I don’t always know who is contributing to the blog. I thank everyone who had comments; you probably know how it feels when someone just at least reaches out to say, “I’m hear.” It’s hard for me to offer feedback to others because I have nothing wise or profound to say. But it’s a valuable lesson learned. Sometimes it’s good just to hear someone say they are listening.

I thought I might share a little about me, JUST A FEW DETAILS. I will go back later and revamp my header and personal profile, but I feel compelled currently to share it in a post, to let others know more details. I wonder if that is a good sign that I’m trusting others.

I’m in my mid-thirties and have long blonde hair with proud streaks of pink in it. I have blue eyes and black eyelashes that stretch for miles. My skin is fair and creamy white and is insanely and helplessly covered with scars from cutting and burning. The looks and stares from strangers are humiliating. I live in the southern United States. I’m G.R.I.T.S., Girls Raised In the South. I love being southern; the pleasantries, chivalry, friendliness, and getting smiles from strangers. In the south, or at least the old south, everyone was family and your house was always open to friends to stop by for cards and Jack Daniels. The good ‘ol days.

I’m not working right now. I stopped working 2/08 to enter residential treatment. Docs are talking of sending me back. I’m married with no children, just two dogs that are my babies.

I want to be an English Education teacher. I want to start out with teaching middle school, then high school, and as I eventually get my post-Bacc degree, I want to teach college. I love English. I can’t remember a book that I didn’t like, some more than others!!! I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to teach English. I’m not done with my under-grad and as I keep stopping and starting school it’s becoming sad.

I conspicuously left out details regarding the abuse. Baby steps.

Well, enough about the small details of me. I went to Walmart today to get the littles some big, fat crayons because their little hands have so much trouble holding the regular crayons. Walmart scares the hell out of me. I got so flustered and overwhelmed I had to just leave and not get anything I needed.

I feel my drugs finally kicking in, soothing my nerves and making the chaos in my head less dramatic. I’ll ramble later.