My eyes hurt. There is a lot of activity in my head tonight. I wish I could just get real with it. But it seems that I just want to push it away with tranqs and analgesics instead of dealing with what lies beneath.

I fear that this post will be a toasted, scrambled rambling collection of disparate words.

I can’t say anything other than how much I hate myself and I hate my husband and how badly and deeply and quickly it is falling apart. Okay, we’ve been out of treatment for ONE week and the m*fer is already asking about sex. I hate myself if I do, I hate myself if I don’t. One is taking care of ourselves and one is punishment. I throw my hands in the air with a side-kick. Send it to hell…express.

my brain hurts

we cut last night. nothing big. but we bought the littles a gift, some kind of magnetic dress up dolls. eveything was going okay until then, but for some reason it offset the system. we wrote about it in the journal and i don’t know what was written but it was significant. bottom line, we were in a state of hysteria. we just cut the tiniest little bit. but buying the doll set really had a huge impact on the system. so we’ve put off opening the littles the gifts until the older ones can reconcile it with themselves that it’s okay for anyone who wants to can play with the dolls. but we were a mess.

doesn’t it always start out that way…with the smallest lapse?

i always end up here.

we were able to dialogue with some members and that was spectacular because we hadn’t dialogued since being discharged from treatment. i know where the f*ing Barbie house went. But that’s my little secret.

i wish this could be easier for you, readers. I wish I could type out our story and make it comprehendable and connective; it’s not that there is no wish to, but we have to keep in mind that we are just trying to jot down the random bits of information in our life so that hopefully if you or a loved one has a dissociative disorder you will know what they are going through. I don’t have the necessary man power to keep the brain functional and write coherently.

the husband and i are fighting more. i’m getting really tired of his attitude regarding my behavior since returning from treatment. they are always going to imagine the worst, even if there is no cause for alarm. could i be doing better? sure.

but cut me some slack, jack.
we just got back.

my brain hurts.