3 Blogging Goals to Make 2018 My Most Successful Year Ever

Neil Patel said that blogging is like fishing.  “Some people do it all the time and never catch anything . . . while others catch everything.”  I am one who never catches anything, so I’ve decided to do something about it.

Writing blogging and branding goals is not everyone’s cup of tea; it’s not mine either.   However, I am extremely passionate about my blog.  I want to reach people, inspire people, help people, and teach people through my own experience to live the best life possible, especially those struggling with mental illness.  However, I don’t feel I am reaching my goals, so WordPress has this great website called Blogging University .  The “university” offers many free, self-paced courses that can help you achieve almost any goal you want, in any order you want, on WordPress. I’m working on my branding and blogging goals.

First Goal

Because I would like to help people, it would naturally be a goal to have more followers than I have now.  As a result, I am setting my goal to reach 5x the current number of followers I have by the end of March of 2018.

Second Goal

My second goal is to read and comment on other blogs four days a week for a total of one hour to begin.

Third Goal

Third, my last goal would be to create a new series called “The Week in Review as told in Gifs.”  I recently wrote a post called “The Simplified Story of My Life as Told in Gifs” that reached more people than other posts, so my goal is to make the new series post a regular on a Sunday series.  This would increase my current postings up to four a week.  I’m not sure the longevity of doing four posts a week, but I’m definitely up for the challenge.

Saying, and especially writing, my goals makes them more concrete and more real, which is what Blogging University desires, and it puts more pressure on me to achieve them.  The Blogging University will continue to help me learn how to better produce and help my blog reach others, so I have nothing but excitement to see what 2018 brings me and my blog!


I’d love to here from you:

What tricks have you used to get your blog more visible to others?

Have you ever tried Blogging University?




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  1. Hi Becca, your news has really made me happy! I empathise with you wholeheartedly. New year’s Eve party beckons and I would rather, gently and sincerely enter a new year than the ego parade.
    Wishing you love and contentedness. Virtual hug x

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