Should I or shouldn’t I?

While I'm getting my drink on, I'm wondering whether I should post pics of myself along with pics of my family. I wonder the ramifications, if any. Does the blogging community have a thought on revealing our identities? Most every blogger I know posts an item or a pet for their profile. Are we really in that much danger for posting our picture? Let me know what you think.
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  1. Of course it's up to you, but, why do you want to post your photo?

    I think if you have doubts, don't. That is always my system. If I can't make a decision, then the answer is status quo until the time I'm sure of what I want and I'm not afraid to go after it.

    Give it some serious consideration.

  2. I think it may be less about real danger and more about internal responses. An alternative is to send people to links of photos of you with whom you develop email communication and trust. That's what I've done.

  3. It's such a personal choice and it's totally up to you. I'm a little paranoid now since my psychiatrist found my blogs and I feel like I've been "outed" big time. Just be really careful. Once you go down that road, you have to be far more conscious of what you write and the possible ramifications. It's a tough lesson to learn and I wouldn't want you learning it the way I had to.

  4. WC, Paul, and Ivory,

    I think all three of you in your own ways said what I needed to hear.

    I'm taking away from your comments some caution, but also a way to make myself and pictures of myself available should the timing be right.

    I think it is a testimony to all three of you and others in the blogging community that I even want to share more of myself, such as pictures. Normally, I would keep that part of my life under shrouds, but I've received such support from even one that I almost want to "take it to the next level," so to speak.

    I will heed caution for now, knowing I have options in the future. Thanks for all your support.

    Becca of Missing in Sight

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