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Championing a Different View – Self-Harm “Before”

Are more people really staring at my self-harm scars? A brief video on my thoughts and fears before going to the water park.  Please stay tuned for a later post with commentary on what I discovered about people looking at… Continue Reading →

Both Roads Taken

Another sleepless night so far.  The anxiety has mostly lessened since my previous post,  but the sleepless nights continue despite medication.  Psychiatrist gave me a new med to try, but it gives me an unrelenting headache the next day, and it… Continue Reading →

A curvy woman

The drama of this past weekend has subsided a little. I met with Dietician today and explained to her how I felt I couldn’t trust her because she was making me fat. When she weighed me, my weight had maintained… Continue Reading →

Oops! I did it again…(Trigger Warning for ED talk)

Oops…I did it again. I binged and purged today. I won’t lie; I felt better afterward. All my anxiety had been lifted, and I felt clean. It all started this morning when I went shopping for a swimsuit and a… Continue Reading →

The Reveal

Today Husband, my daughter, her brother, and I went to a water park, which meant bathing suit time, which meant The Reveal.Breakfast this morning was different. I’ve heard good things about steel cut oats so I decided to try them…. Continue Reading →

Here’s your sign

It happened again. Oh yes, it did! Let me set the scene for you. So I’ve had a pain in my back for 10.5, and, no, it’s not my husband. I have a herniated disc, L5 S1. So I get… Continue Reading →

Make way! New thoughts coming through

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about how much do I want to get better. I’ve been feeling that as much time as we’ve put in therapy we should be further along in the process than we are… Continue Reading →

Sigh and sigh alone

Potential triggers: Read with caution. I hadn’t planned on posting today, but the urge hit me, so here we are. I’m exhausted physically and mentally. Still in PHP. I sigh because things aren’t going the way I want for my… Continue Reading →

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