Missing In Sight



White Knuckles

I am dissociative.  My brain is foggy, and I can’t think.  My head has a far-away ache.  There is chaos living inside that I cannot describe would I even be allowed. I’m a little bit hungry, but feeling empty is… Continue Reading →

Missing In Action

I know I’ve been gone for a while. Things have not been okay but I will spare you the spilt milk and the sob sorry. I was released from the partial hospiltization back in May, I think. My intentions were/are… Continue Reading →

Deserve self-worth?

Self-worth is in short supply these days. Actually, all my life there’s been no supply of self worth or self-esteem. At the Emotions Anonymous meeting on Wednesday the topic was how we treat our bodies. When it was my turn… Continue Reading →

Too fat to die

I need help stopping my downward spiral. I know of at least one alter that is suicidal; some are apathetic, and others don’t want to die this fat. The last statement is really silly, I know. But that is how… Continue Reading →

Friendship for sale

Here I am at Panera Bread Co. I’ve just finished my therapy session and I’m waiting for my movie to start. I’m going to the dollar theater to see Gran Torino. I’m just trying to add structure to my day…. Continue Reading →

Cooking up a big pot of amnesia..

I’m a little bit unsettled after seeing the movie Bride Wars. It wasn’t the movie itself that bothered me; it was that D. insisted I had taken our god-daughters already to see the movie. I went over it back and… Continue Reading →

Sigh and sigh alone

Potential triggers: Read with caution. I hadn’t planned on posting today, but the urge hit me, so here we are. I’m exhausted physically and mentally. Still in PHP. I sigh because things aren’t going the way I want for my… Continue Reading →

burn BEFORE reading

i beg of you not to read this post. it’s like the children’s book about Grover and a monster at the end of the book. Don’t be engage in self-harm behavior by reading a post that is nothing short of… Continue Reading →

Living and dying in 2 different worlds

The moonlight offers her condolences on such a dark night. How did she know? Why don’t more people know? If they did, would it matter? I haven’t posted lately for a couple of reasons. One, I’m tired of hearind my… Continue Reading →

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