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She’s Only Twelve Years Old

I feel like I’m 12.  Sad, sorry age to feel . . . .all empty, lonely, desperate not to go home.  Becky, my birth mother, has come to pick me up at Michelle’s house.  I spent the last night or… Continue Reading →

It’s all over but the crying

I have told him I want a separation.  I’ve moved into the guest bedroom.  Every step I take away from him he is a bewildered little boy, not understanding how this could happen to him.  Whatever he’s wondering, it’s been… Continue Reading →

The definition of “Help me”

It’s so hard to get these posts started. I just don’t know where to begin. I feel everything and I feel nothing. I am angry but I’m calm. I’m sad but have no tears to show for it. Then there’s… Continue Reading →


I’ve been mulling this topic over since the weekend and have been trying to figure out how to write a sanitized version of what took place.One of the many things we’ve learned with D.I.D. is just how hard relationships are… Continue Reading →

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