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The Week In Review Beginning July 9 Using Gifs

                                              Welcome to my week in review using Gifs! This is a weekly Sunday post where I comically… Continue Reading →

My Week In Review Using Gifs – July 2, 2018

  Welcome to “My Week in Review Using Gifs!” This is a weekly Sunday post where I comically discuss the TMI ups and downs of my week using gifs.   So, if you are wanting to laugh and to be… Continue Reading →

My Week In Review Using Gifs ~ June 11, 2018

Welcome to my week in review using gifs. This is a revival of a weekly Sunday post where I comically discuss the ups and downs of my week using gifs.  I recommend you view this post on my website instead of… Continue Reading →

When Sadness and Hopelessness Seize Me

In a rare sighting, sadness and hopelessness has its grip on me.  It’s amazing how many mood swings I can have in one day.  Is that just a characteristic of having a dissociative disorder, or does everyone swing like this?… Continue Reading →


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Maybelline hogging my heated plush throw.  Silly girl.   Are you ready for some inspiration? Welcome to the first Music Monday!  As I wrote in my last post found here,  I have dedicated Monday to music. … Continue Reading →


Maybelline sound asleep.  She loves her crate.  Makes her feel safe and secure. I don’t know if I can write this post.  I feel extremely dissociative at this very moment despite taking my medication. I don’t know why it’s important… Continue Reading →


Mom, I’m out of peanut butter! I’m not a happy camper.  Plenty of reasons why.  I burned myself yesterday.  It’s only a bummer because it doesn’t hurt today.  I know what will. We sent a scathing email to Therapist last… Continue Reading →


Trigger Warning YOU ARE NOT SAFE, NOT EVEN CLOSE. I am quite uneasy; be still my nerves.  An unknown nagging feeling keeps jabbing at the back of my mind, worrying me, filling me with concern and disrupting my thoughts.  … Continue Reading →

Am I Reality? and What Not to Disclose to Your Therapist!

An amalgam of three days of journal writing Our purpose here is to figure out two things:  1) how to nurture our angry protector Tina 2) Therapist mentioned that we need acceptance.  Figure out what he meant by acceptance.  Accept… Continue Reading →

Conversations with my imagination

Saw Therapist again.  It was another wasted session where I refuted that I dissociate or have the diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder.  To complicate matters more for me, he never came out and said, “Yes, you do have D.I.D.” which… Continue Reading →

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