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Welcome to my week in review using Gifs!

This is a weekly Sunday post where I comically discuss the TMI ups and downs of my week using gifs.   So, if you are wanting to laugh and to be entertained, this short but funny post is for you!

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Monday was a day of running errands.

Therapy was first.  I wish I could tell you what happened, but I don’t even remember myself!


Daniel came along to my therapy appointment and claimed he just sat in the lobby listening to music. Let me just say this: the walls are thin.


Our next stop was to buy paint for our bedroom, kitchen, and the wall trim. We bought Sherwin Williams paint because we were told it’s the best to apply. Plus, it was 30% off that day.

“Score,” we thought.

Then we understood why it is called the best.

We were given the bill of around $250.00 for 4 gallons of paint.



So we went with a different grade of paint that wasn’t as expensive.  When we later painted our bedroom, it applied well, so we were still very happy with the results.

Next on this busy day was paying our car insurance, picking up our prescriptions s, and resting at home.   Errands exhaust me, and I really needed some downtime. 


This was not a good day.  I felt dissociative,  spacey,  dizzy, and very ungrounded.

My best friend Lorraine came over and really helped me get some things accomplished since I was not well.  We prepped the bedroom for painting and cleaned a little, but my body wouldn’t let me do much.

As dissociative and ungrounded as I was, I knew I wouldn’t be able to drive safely, so Daniel drove Lorraine home and took me to the see my dietician Julie. I had not been doing well on my meal plan, so I really needed her help getting back on track.  

She was nice but firm and serious.  She made it clear I needed to get back on track to get adequate nutrition to accomplish things in life I want. So I left feeling a little more motivated, and I bought a Chick-Fil-A salad on the way home.  It was filled with nutrition, met the requirements of my meal plan, and made me feel so satisfied .



I slept in until 8:30 am.  I normally get up at 6:30 am, so for me to sleep that late shows how exhausted I was.   

This time, it was my husband’s turn for therapy, and I went with him to the therapist’s office. I honestly and truly just sat in the lobby working on my blog and newsletter.


And that’s all I have to say about that.

After Daniel’s therapy appointment, we went by the mall to get a new battery placed in his iPhone. We were told it was two hours before we’d get seen by a technician, and then another hour and a half to replace the battery.

Well, since we didn’t have another option, we decided to wait, and we availed ourselves of the time by exchanging a shirt for Daniel, and I . . .


Oh, yes, I did!!!!!   I went to S E P H O R A makeup store!!!


I know. I shouldn’t have gone, but the mothership was calling me home, and I needed more makeup.  10 foundations are never enough!


Went to therapy again.  Not a great session.  Left me feeling unheard and unnoticed. I wasn’t really surprised.  


Later, we prepped for painting the kitchen by sanding the trim and washing walls.  After dinner, we went out for an ice-cream cone for only 49 cents.  Can’t beat that.


My husband Daniel had an appointment with a general surgeon.  Daniel has agreed to have his gallbladder out. I’m very relieved because I’ve been suffering enough for both of us just listening to his whining and complaining about how bad he feels.


Okay.  For realz though.  I love Daniel, and I truly hope he feels better.


I did volunteer work with my best friend Lorraine and another friend Donna. After spending time with Donna prior to this occasion and, deeming her a safe, compassionate, and understanding friend, I decided to tell her about my diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder. It was very easy to talk to her.  She just listened to me as I fumbled to explain what the diagnosis is and what I experience. She didn’t disappoint me with her kindness and her uplifting words of encouragement.

About mid-morning of our volunteer shift, Lorraine’s chest started fluttering and beating rapidly and irregularly. I dropped her off at the front of the urgent care while I parked the car. It took me a while to get back inside urgent care to check on Lorraine because it was really hard to find a parking spot.


Oops. I may have found myself parked at McDonald’s instead of urgent care for a moment or three.

Urgent care told us to go to the hospital where, unbelievably, we received prompt service.

The doctor had some concerns about Lorraine’s health but released her because she was stable. I was so exhausted and brain dead from waking early, volunteering, and taking Lorraine to urgent care and the hospital that with guilt I asked a mutual friend to take Lorraine to the pharmacy so I could rest. I came home, took a nap, and laid in bed for the rest of the day.

It truly was a week of ups and downs, exhaustion and fatigue, but I mostly love my life and my dear friends, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


(no political commentary intended.)

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