V.I.B. = Very Important Blogger
So I came home recently and found a package in the mail for me.  Now anytime it’s not a bill, junk mail, or a letter from my parole officer (jk) I am all too excited.  And my cause of excitement this day was due to this package from Clif Bar, my favorite, mostly organic, pre and post-workout fuel.

Now I would like to snow myself into thinking that I am a V.I.B. and that Clif Bar has read my blog and heard of my running endeavors. Thus being so, naturally they would want to send me their products to rate and review so I could let my massive readership know how great they are, too.  Yeah, right.  I know better.  I’m sure that one of the races or running groups to which I belong sold my information to Clif Bar, and I am one of many consumers that was mass marketed to promote their product and up their sales.  But if Clif Bar only knew how I subsist on their products, they wouldn’t have wasted their product or postage to preach to the choir about how great their products are. 

(Just a small sampling of my Clif products.)

But many of you are V.I.B’s to me, such as Ivory, Castorgirl, and Lisa.  You read my rampant ramblings, send virtual hugs when I need them, send words of encouragement for my recovery, and in general offer your support.  And for that, you make me a V.I.B. (very indebted blogger).  Many thanks to all those who read this insanity.


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  1. But it's awesome insanity 🙂 You're not indebted… I read because I care. I don't always know what to say, but I always read…

    I'm liking the freebies… well done on the good haul. Did they send discount vouchers as well? Over here they often send discounts with the freebie stuff too.

    Take care out there 🙂

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