10 things about me

1. I have pink in my blonde/brown hair.
2. I will be celebrate 10 years of marriage on August 14; I turn 35 on August 15, and my husband turns 35 August 16. Wham, bam, bam!
3. I have an Associates degree in Accounting.
4. I have gone back to school to get my Bachelor’s in English Education.
5. I want to teach 7th grade.
6. I have two tattoos and counting.
7. I’m a good cook when I try, but I love to bake.
8. I’ve been in therapy 17 years.
9. My bio-parents live in China. I don’t see them or talk with them.
10. I have seen Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly at least 50 times.

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  1. Wow – we are the same age! I turn 35 on July 24. I think I beat you out in the therapy department – I've seen some kind of therapist, usually a psychiatrist, since the age of 14.

  2. WC,

    I guess you've a birthday coming up just like me! The big 35…almost half my life. Scary.

    As far as therapy, my condolensces that you've been in therapy so long. I was just lamenting to my T. that I've been in therapy too long and it's not working.

    One thing she pointed out that I never thought about was that most, if not all, the members needed therapy. Since there are new members coming forward, they haven't been in therapy as long as I have, so it will take longer in therapy for everyone to heal.

    Just a thought…


  3. yea takes longer to heal as many go to therapy with me, this is the first time i've stayed in therapy-ive been going for 4 years and 6 months, but on and off since 11 years old I am now 39, I would usually only last 3 sessions but finally got a great T. so have stayed this time. I can't wait to life is some kind of normal, whatever normal is, I imagine it though.

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