The Second Act

When I was in Charleston, I picked up a card that had a saying on there that means so much to me and gives me hope. It is a quote by Mary Anne Radmacher and it reads,

“Just because you bought the ticket doesn’t mean you have to stay for the second act.”

I love this so much. If I apply it to my life’s experiences, it helps me realize I’m not a victim anymore and I can effect change in my life. Yes, I have a history of abuse, a trauma history, but I don’t have to let that define what my life looks like now.

The first act of my life sucked, but I have a choice for the rest of it. I’m staging a curtain call and I’m not staying for the second half of the act. The second half of the act is where I stay stuck in my disorder and distorted thoughts. It is filled with actions of self-harm, an eating disorder, suicidal gestures, depression, mood swings, flash backs, insomnia, night sweats, nightmares, panic and anxiety attacks, etc…

So I’m leaving the theatre. Just because I bought the ticket doesn’t mean I have to stay for the whole production. I’m staging a Coup d’etat. I’m finding a new production that will only bring me peace and happiness.

I hope you find a new second act, as well.


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