A little inspiration

I’m really starting to love this song. Whenever I’m feeling down, I listen to this. It’s so happy and upbeat, you can’t help but smile at the charming lyrics and upbeat tempo. It’s called ‘Lovers in Japan’ by Coldplay. Love it!

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  1. Hi, at the Pilgrim’s blog I saw your comment and went to see your blog, as well. I have found this post of yours on affirmations which I found myself struggling with, as well, and I now prefer to use EFT which I find more helpful as a self-helper, because it validates negative feelings while balancing them with self-acceptance phrase… I won’t go into details… oh, a few new DID/MPDs have joined EFT community forum lately and I thought of inviting you there – here is my post followed by some other DID survivors’ posts…http://eftcommunity.emofree.com/forums/p/352/23678.aspx#23678

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