Pics of my new tattoo

Here are the pics of my tattoo. I’m still a bit unsure, but I can’t go back now. No worries. It’s growing on me. The tattoo artist said the lavendar would fade and turn to white and I should give it a couple of weeks to heal. In addition, he had to tattoo through some old self-harm scars, so that complicated the tattoo a little bit.

I think the mixed feelings are coming from my alters/members. Some like it, and some are against it. In any case, I’m already planning the next tattoo; this time for my back. I’m thinking a Lotus flower. Any suggestions from my fellow tattooies?

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  1. I like it! But what kind of flower is it?

    It takes a couple of weeks to heal for sure, and you might see some peeling, which is normal. Just keep it well-moisturized until it's completely healed and it should be all good!

  2. Oh I love this… It will look amazing once it's settled down and healed.

    A great message and reminder to be gentle on yourself 🙂

    Tattoo's are such a personal decision and have meaning for those getting the work done. No matter what you decide to do, make sure if feels right before you go near the tattooist.

    Take care…

  3. Castorgirl,

    Thanks for the kind reminder to be gentle to myself. It does have a lot of personal meaning for me, so I'll be taking really good care of it.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to give your feedback.

    Wandering Coyote,

    This is supposed to look like a white carnation. Is it hard to tell?

    I chose a white carnation because they symbolize pure love and innocence, both of which I need.
    Thanks for the tips on caring for it. It's obvious it's my first, so I don't know what to expect.



    I never thought about how the tattoo could a sort of renewal, since it's covering up self-harm scars. Great way to sum up and frame the tattoo. Thanks!!

    To everyone, stay strong and take care.

    Missing In Sight

  4. Beautiful! I love body art.

    I have 3 tattoos. The only one I didn't expect was the one I'm now trying to remove. It cost me $42 to get it and I've spent $600 so far to remove it and it isn't gone yet. It's only about as big as a quarter!

    I'm telling all this because after I got my first 2 tats, a young alter took it to heart that my skin was for coloring on and put one on my forearm. It's really a pretty butterfly but it is in a place totally noticeable and difficult to hide. I wish I could "click" on it and move it!

    So anyway, be aware that your littles may not understand. Again, beautiful job – when the lavender turns white, give us another pic, I'd love to see it then!

  5. Wandering Coyote,

    The flower can be mistaken for several others, so I'm not surprised you didn't recognize it at first. Since tattoos are so personal, as long as it looks like a carnation to me, I'm happy with it.


    You are so generous with your compliments. Thanks for the warning about the littles. I'll be sure to hold an inner meeting and make sure they know to color in their coloring books and not on my body. 🙂

    Thanks again.

    Stay strong and take care…

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