Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

Since my mom died, I can not find my words to write a complete blog post.  So, these pictures will express what I want to say but can not speak.



The only way I speak these days is by crying. Shame that doesn’t even tell the whole story.


I’m waiting for the day when I will still miss you, but it won’t hurt so much.


Did it ever stop?


Or am I?


I’m both at the same time. How confusing to be both!


I love my mom and miss her incredibly.


Sometimes it hard to do either.


But there’s no other option.


As much as I’m in pain, and I hate saying this, I have to have hope. Beauty and hope can come from places we would have never assumed. It hurts, but I’m still here.


Irony: I have hope that hope exists. I ‘hope’ I’m not wrong.


And that, my friends, sums it all.













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