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My Week In Review Using Giphy – Beginning July 16

Welcome to my week in review using Giphy for the week beginning  July 16!  This is a weekly Sunday post where I comically discuss the TMI ups and downs of my week using gifs from Giphy.   So, if you… Continue Reading →

TBT ~ Metaphor ~ A Comparison Between Then and Now

Welcome to Throwback Thursday where I find a blog post that is at least five years old and compare how I was doing back then to how I am doing now. The following piece entitled “Metaphor” is a poem I… Continue Reading →

15 Ways to Show Gratitude and Improve Your Happiness

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” Willie Nelson When our mental health is challenged by our circumstances and hardships, it can be hard to be thankful and grateful for what we have, but gratitude is… Continue Reading →

Try Everything, Fail at Something, But Win Anyway – #MusicMonday

Disney hit the mark when they matched the song “Try Everything,” sung by Shakira, to the movie Zootopia, an animated movie focusing on the inspirational story of a rabbit whom wants to make it to the big city to break the boundaries and… Continue Reading →

#FridayFeelings – Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness

via GIPHY There’s little reason to wonder why there is a stigma attached to mental illness today To say those with mental illness have been treated inhumanely over the years is an understatement.  Among methods used to treat mental illness… Continue Reading →

Music Monday – Make Yourself “Invincible”

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Invincible: Unbeatable.  Indestructible.  Powerful.  Strong.  The former words can all used to describe Music Monday’s empowering anthem by Pat Benetar called “Invincible.”  Benetar sings the personal and authoritative fight song that will make you rise… Continue Reading →

Music Monday – Sia and 5 ways to “Never Give Up”

Welcome to Music Monday. We check out Sia’s explosive and inspirational anthem called “Never Give Up” and find 5 ways to keep on moving forward.


Never really engaging in self-care, I had no idea what to expect, write, or suggest about it. I’ve been to enough treatment facilities that encouraged self-care, but I always believed I didn’t deserve it, so I wouldn’t even try. But… Continue Reading →


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Maybelline hogging my heated plush throw.  Silly girl.   Are you ready for some inspiration? Welcome to the first Music Monday!  As I wrote in my last post found here,  I have dedicated Monday to music. … Continue Reading →


Maybelline loves this heated plush throw I bought, and she has been hunkered down in my arms to share it with me. Winds of Change I’ve decided to make some changes to the blog.  First off, every Monday will be… Continue Reading →

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