My Week In Review Using Giphy – Beginning July 16

Welcome to my week in review using Giphy for the week beginning  July 16!  This is a weekly Sunday post where I comically discuss the TMI ups and downs of my week using gifs from Giphy.   So, if you are wanting to laugh and to be entertained, this short but funny post is for you!



Welcome to our TMI weekly review using Gifs and Giphy, guaranteed to make you smile or you owe me money back 🙂


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I call this “last week/this week review combination” a 2 for 1special.  Two huge laughs, but people with think you only peed in your pants once! So after reading today’s weekly review, make sure you watch last week’s. Don’t miss out on this 2-for-1 special.  :).


Week Beginning Monday, July 16

Welcome to another installment of my weekly review using Gifs.


I know.  I’m excited too.



Monday I was not well.  Stress and anxiety affect my stomach, so Monday I was pretty much lying in bed; well, that’s the story, if anybody asks.



Was it because I was drunk or was it because


Drunk or constipated?   I’ll let you guess my stomach ailments. Either way, I feel better..


I went to the waterpark today.  It wasn’t my favorite day.  The waterpark wasn’t full by any means, probably because it was mostly cloudy.  Unless the sun is blanketing my suncreened skin with her glaring rays, I do not enjoy myself.  And my husband Daniel makes fun of me because I’m cold.  I’ve been known to put a full ensemble of clothes on top of my swimsuit to get warm again.



Another trip to the waterpark.  I had some thoughts to say about this trip before I went, so I video recorded them.  You can find them here at this link.  I had been wondering why it seemed more people were looking at my self-harm scars than usual,  which led me to question if more people were looking at my scars or if I was just noticing the people looking.  It led to a very interesting and surprising life lesson that I know will make me much happier in the future.   I recorded those thoughts afterward, which can also be viewed at this link.

I had a very pleasant day lying in the sun with her glorifying me in my paleness.  We rode a ride, which I haven’t done in years, and we even visited the children’s playscape for the Littles to play.  If you aren’t sure who the Littles are, I can briefly say they make up my dissociative system.  To understand more, I would encourage you to look at what I wrote about dissociation and parts/alters/headmates at The Beginning. – Dissociation and Me.  

So Daniel and I did visit the water playscape, but there were very few adults around playing in the water like my Littles wanted to do, and that made me feel very self-conscious.  I find it ironic: Daniel isn’t dissociative, yet he wanted to stay longer in the children’s zone, conversely, I am dissociative and the Littles wanted to stay, but I was too afraid of what others would think about me.  Instead of staying and having fun, I let my fear of other’s opinions to control my thoughts and actions.

There’s a great quote that reads:










This aphorism shows us how we pay the cost if we allow others to define, influence, or downright control us. Those negative thoughts I  was experiencing at the water playscape were really bad, rent-free tenants.   I allowed other people to control me, and I’m the one paying the price,

Shame on me.



I will make it up to my system next time we go, and we will play on the children’s landscape no matter what people think.


At 3:00 am we had to take my daddy and some friends to the airport for a flight to California.  I wasn’t going on the trip, but Daniel and I drove them to the airport. No problem getting up at 2:30 am with no sleep . . . but, yeah, sure,  I can drive.


For some reason, maybe it slamming into the airport curb, the police officers wanted to talk with me.  I guess they mistook me falling asleep at the wheel for a  sign I was drunk.  What’s the big deal?


When the police officers determined I was not drunk, they let me go. To celebrate, I opened the emergency six-pack of beers in my trunk.  (Joking. Do not ever drink and drive. Ever. )

Afterward, we came back home to sleep . . . for . . . only . . .three . . . hours.

Do you think that was enough overall sleep to make me a happy person?


Absolutely not.

Thursday Afternoon

Regardless of my sleep deprivation, I still had therapy with Randy, and, since I blew off Monday’s appointment, ( I mean canceled due to illness,) I knew I should go to Thursday’s session.  I don’t remember much of the session, except of course he was late.


**** shhhhh**** never tell my therapist Randy that sometimes, occasionally, seldomly,  rarely, and randomly he might be worth waiting for. ****shhhh****

I’m sure important items were discussed during therapy, I just don’t remember what they are; however,  I did not leave the office screaming obscenities and telling him I hate him, so I’d call that a successful session.




Due to my stomach issues and an earache that has been going on for two months, I went to my doctor.  We made a game plan for the stomach issues, and, though she had already referred me to an ENT doctor, she just wanted to check my ears again for any signs of infection.  Since she couldn’t find the cause of my ear pain, she told me to keep my appointment with the ENT doctor on Tuesday.

Saturday: Confession Time

I visited my dietician.  While my eating disorder always wants me to lose weight, I try to trust my dietician Julie with my weight and my meal plan.  I haven’t done a good job of trusting her lately, so I’ve had a lapse.  But seeing Julie always motivates me and encourages me to get back to my meal plan and leave the worrying of my nutrition and weight to her.  With her permission, I record our sessions,  so I can later play them back when I need to listen to her reminders of encouragement and her faith in me that I can recover.


Thanks, Oprah.  I want to win too.  I will recover, not just from this, but the insanity that is genetically imprinted on my DNA.


After the session with Julie, I picked up my bf Lorraine, and she came over to my apartment to help me work on a secret I have planned for my subscribed viewers.  I  also had plans to paint the trim, but it wasn’t such a good idea.  Even Bob Ross told me I should just go away.


I get really frustrated with having to paint the trim with such detail and preciseness.  As you can see, my painting job doesn’t look at all like it was expected to.


Bob Ross tried to cheer me up.



Happy accident, my ass.


Thus ends another humorous review of a week in my life.  Yes, it has had its ups and downs, and I share TMI, but I’m honest and real, and that should count for something. Makes you love me all the more, doesn’t it? 🙂



I’m out of here. Don’t forget to check out last week’s review found here.  

if you haven’t seen it already, please check out the short video I recorded Wednesday regarding my self-harm scars and my thoughts regarding what other people are thinking and saying about them.  Part 1 is here.  Part 2 is here.

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Until next time.

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