Try Everything, Fail at Something, But Win Anyway – #MusicMonday

Disney hit the mark when they matched the song “Try Everything,” sung by Shakira, to the movie Zootopia, an animated movie focusing on the inspirational story of a rabbit whom wants to make it to the big city to break the boundaries and professional goals by going against what her family and society believes is appropriate for her.  “Try Everything” inspires, motivates, and encourages us all to pursue our dreams no matter our circumstances. Check out the cute video underneath.

Why should I care about Shakira’s song entitled “Try Everything”?


It’s a positive, upbeat, inspirational, and celebratory song that will make you want to sing praise no matter what!  What is there to celebrate?  Shakira answers that in the first three lines when she sings,

“I messed up tonight.  I lost another fight.  I’ll still mess up but I’ll just start again.”

The narrator celebrates that she messed up in going after what she wants, but instead of letting it bring her down, she is insisting on starting again to pursue her dreams and goals despite meeting with failure.  She messes up, but she’s okay with starting the journey all over again.  She refuses to give up.  She continues to try.

The narrator doesn’t care if she fails.  She waves failure away because it doesn’t bother her.  She turns her failures into lessons learned.

Also, she won’t let obstacles get in her way.  She may fall while pursuing her goals,


but she gets right back up again and dusts herself off so she can keep on going.  High-five for that.

Lastly. she also croons, “Nobody learns without getting it wrong.”

Yes, you have to make mistakes, and that’s okay.  Everything is a learning process.  Some lessons are harder than others to learn, but you can do it!  Tomorrow is always a new beginning.


Realize life is just one big lab experiment, and we’re all making mistakes and hopefully learning lessons from them.

There’s no end to what we can do.

Shakira sings, “I wanna try everything, I wanna try everything even though I could fail.”  She is not a quitter.  She is not leaving.  She is facing life on her terms.

And you will win too if you keep trying, failing, learning, and getting back up.  Doesn’t matter what life throws at you; you can and will conquer  it!

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