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She’s Only Twelve Years Old

I feel like I’m 12.  Sad, sorry age to feel . . . .all empty, lonely, desperate not to go home.  Becky, my birth mother, has come to pick me up at Michelle’s house.  I spent the last night or… Continue Reading →

Estoy dejando ir

I want to let go. There are no fluffy words or poetic sentiments I can muster tonight. My thoughts are halted by the regime of exhaustion and apathy. I want to speak, but the air devours my words before they… Continue Reading →

Self-Inflicted Solitaire

Originally dated 12-29-2012 Updated 1-1-2018 Though I still suffer from social anxiety, I’ve made a lot of progress and things are much better since this older post. ________________________________________________________________ Self-Inflicted Solitaire Emptiness lingers on inside, A constant, unyielding pain, Competing with despair that thrives While the… Continue Reading →

Silence of the dead

I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to talk about how heavy my heart is. I don’t want to talk about how hopeless I am. I don’t want to talk about how lonely I am. I don’t… Continue Reading →

Question Asked, Question Answered Part 2

Castor Girl asked a question of me in a post on May 8 regarding our loneliness and what was causing it. She asked, “Do you know what’s happened to you to make you feel so lonely?” Several events have taken… Continue Reading →

Back in the saddle, again.

I forget without peeking exactly how long it’s been since I lasted posted. I was hoping to post while on holiday in Charleston but that didn’t happen. Charleston. They were the best of times. They were the worst of times…. Continue Reading →

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