Self-Inflicted Solitaire

Originally dated 12-29-2012
Updated 1-1-2018
Though I still suffer from social anxiety, I’ve made a lot of progress and things are much better since this older post.

Self-Inflicted Solitaire

Emptiness lingers on inside,
A constant, unyielding pain,
Competing with despair that thrives
While the blues pour down a drenching rain.

A hollow wind storms in my conscious,
Acutely aware of what never will be,
As troops of sadness methodically marches
Chanting songs of pain and misery.

Loneliness strangles attempts at laughter.
Alienation has given birth to an ache.
Time has been wasted constantly chasing after
Part of a world that threw me away.

Isolation becomes an obligatory guard
When fumbles at acceptance fall short of the need
So that all my tries leave me unwanted and scarred,
And I’m stranded in wounds that endlessly bleed.

Then lessons are learned from trying to belong
To a world so different from my own.
The wounds of rejection keep my cold and withdrawn,
But I’m too hurt to feel anything less than alone.

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