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Maybelline loves this heated plush throw I bought, and she has been hunkered down in my arms to share it with me. Winds of Change I’ve decided to make some changes to the blog.  First off, every Monday will be… Continue Reading →


Maybelline snuggling up with my bear on a road trip.   Worth Wondering. WHO’S ON FIRST? So my session with Therapist was interesting yesterday.  At one point he mentioned an alter, Tina, but she was already and participating in the session,… Continue Reading →


Maybelline sound asleep.  She loves her crate.  Makes her feel safe and secure. I don’t know if I can write this post.  I feel extremely dissociative at this very moment despite taking my medication. I don’t know why it’s important… Continue Reading →

Great Unrealistic Expectations

My dog Maybelline is stressing me.  She wants to go on a walk, and I just don’t have it in me to get off this couch, which makes me feel like a terrible pet partner. Taken from today’s journal: Been… Continue Reading →

Protecting the Protector

I want to write, and I want to call out Sheila to discuss without emotion and bias what is happening regarding Tina, particularly and her denial of D.I.D. I’ll address my surmise of how Tina feels currently.  She wants to… Continue Reading →

A Gluttonous Hijacking of Words

I want to talk. I really, really do.  But it’s just too late.   Games are all I can do, and I’ve been messing with you.  At least I’m honest. What a shame for me to annihilate chances to get… Continue Reading →

I don’t feel well.  I have been dissociative, spacey, and dizzy all evening.  There’s a sense of urgency to write, and I can’t escape it.  I must, I must, I must eject what’s in this crazy, demanding  head. I was… Continue Reading →


It’s not that easy.  It’s not that easy.  It’s not that easy. I will not make it this time.  I am burrowing a hole for myself, digging my own grave.  Only this time, people in my professional life are handing… Continue Reading →

Not As We

Nobody lives here anymore. Poke and stir the ashes of yesterday’s consumption, you will not find me . . . and they have been missing for a while. There were signs it was happening. My soul became painfully still and… Continue Reading →


I am a proofread, amended manuscript. An altered copy of the undesirable original where history was unnecessarily edited: Delete this. Add that. I was broken down into parts, each line, each word, each letter declared this blue-eyed literary initiative all… Continue Reading →

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