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TBT ~ Throwback Thursday to “Female Fortunato”

Welcome to Throw Back Thursday – a comparison at how crazy I used to be to how much better or worse I am now. It’s an interesting view.

How Grief Can Be a Blessing for Those Mourning

[convertkit form=5156465]   Grief.  It can cause numbness, emptiness, shock, abandonment, depression, crying, exhaustion, confusion, and much more.  If such pain is brought on by grief, who would think of themselves as  lucky when they lose someone they dearly love?… Continue Reading →

When Silence Screams So Loudly – Wordless Wednesday

  I would love to hear from you! Do you find yourself at a loss of words sometime? Has it ever been difficult for you to describe what you are experiencing? If so, what has helped?

When Sadness and Hopelessness Seize Me

In a rare sighting, sadness and hopelessness has its grip on me.  It’s amazing how many mood swings I can have in one day.  Is that just a characteristic of having a dissociative disorder, or does everyone swing like this?… Continue Reading →

Writing, Therapy, and Flashbacks

I don’t feel like conspiring to write brilliantly.  I don’t want to care that the creativity has gone out of me like a candle in the wind.  I think I shall never write again because we are not in the… Continue Reading →

A Big Secret Wrapped in a Bow

I’m only half a person right now.  You may poke and prod, dig around for the other half of Missing In Sight.  You will not find her.  You will find more, but you won’t find her.  I’m the only one… Continue Reading →

Just for tonight

Went to bed not feeling well last night. Woke up this morning feeling even worse. Fever. Sore throat. Glands hurt. Being sick = Which = bad body image Which = unhealthy eating. Which equals relapse: I’m trying to keep this… Continue Reading →

The definition of “Help me”

It’s so hard to get these posts started. I just don’t know where to begin. I feel everything and I feel nothing. I am angry but I’m calm. I’m sad but have no tears to show for it. Then there’s… Continue Reading →

The Missing In Sight Theme

The Perishers, featuring Sarah McLauchlan One may think we’re alrightWe need pills to sleep at nightWe need lies to make it through the dayWe’re not okay One may think we’re doing fineBut if I had to lay it on the… Continue Reading →

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