Wordless Wednesday

When Silence Screams So Loudly – Wordless Wednesday



I would love to hear from you!

Do you find yourself at a loss of words sometime?

Has it ever been difficult for you to describe what you are experiencing?

If so, what has helped?

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7 thoughts on “When Silence Screams So Loudly – Wordless Wednesday”

    1. Yes. But even blogging can sometimes be difficult for me. That’s why I like to write in my journal because it doesn’t have to be perfect or even comprehensible. I can scribble to get my mind going and then sometimes the words follow. Thank you for your comment! It’s always nice to hear from you!

        1. I was in college for English and writing, and they taught me to write before I write. Journaling helps me generate ideas and kind of form a template of what I will eventually post about. I find it important to journal and blog. Hope this helps. Becca

  1. Fear of what people think, feel, about what I may write stops me alot. Panic attacks hrs later after I have written. Many times I need to then delete it or if on paper shred it. So afraid.😕

    1. I’m sorry about your fears and the panic attacks that occur after you’ve written. That must be so difficult. I am so perfectionistic that nothing I ever write seems good enough, so I just shut down. I guess we are all just works in progress.

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