The Hostage

“The Hostage” was originally posted 1-1-2013
A poem regarding a night of anxiety in my head with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The Hostage

Slowly the evening falls upon me.
The possibility of peace is shattered into a fairy tale as
the night struggles and collapses into the blackest hole.
With her naked eye the moon stalks me into hiding.
No light is spared.

I hear the footsteps of my thoughts scatter inside my mind,
running rampant, tunneling through the darkness until I’m found
crouched in fear.

A tightly woven web of chaos is assembled around me.
Motionless, I sit under the glare of tyranny.
With unbridled abandon they advance upon me:
Closer. Closer. Closer.

The moment is surrendered to madness.
History threatens the illusion of control.
My entire armor sheds in defeat.
Sanity becomes a desperate bargain,
a violent negotiation between the authorities of life and death.

My mind holds me hostage.
Little by little, piece by piece,
I am completely swallowed,
but no one can tell that I am missing.

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