This is filed under the category of TMI, but, oh well. I’m going to share something with you I’m not proud of. Here goes:

The mess in the room is so bad, I couldn’t even get in the room to take “good” pictures. And the lighting sucks, but I’m a blogger, not a professional photographer. Recently Back in November we had a yard sale. What didn’t sell we tossed in my “daughter’s” room. Since I was working and in school full-time, my schedule didn’t permit me to organize her room. The semester ended, I had more time, but I was on winter break and wanted to rest. So the room sat. And it sat. And it sat. Until today. What is so special about today? It’s my rest day. After running over 17 miles yesterday, my legs mandated that they be given rest today. WTF? No exercise? Not good. I don’t do well when I can’t run. I was born without the gene that lets you figure out how to spend your day even when it doesn’t revolve around running and food. So in the vein of recovery and not giving into my self-destructive thoughts and behaviors when I can’t workout, I stole borrowed a bookcase from birth mother and got my clean on. Drum roll, please.And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I spent my day.

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