My Week in Review Using Gifs

Welcome to “My Week in Review Using Gifs”.  Here is where I link back to this week’s must-read posts, and I tell you about <insert sarcasm> my glamorous week using . . . you guessed it!  Gifs.

This past Monday was New Years Day.  I spent the day without much fanfare.  Just cooked some delicious food for my husband Daniel.



There was a football game that night for which he became upset, so I tried to comfort him and show how much I cared about his feelings.


But I digress.

Tuesday I tried to do some blog writing but felt like I couldn’t find my authentic voice 
I blogged 40 facts about me.  
Later I asked a fellow writer what to do about my writing dilemma.



I decided to hold off writing until I had some coffee, but all I had was decaffeinated.  The decaf coffee tasted . . . interesting.



Tuesday I also had a session with my therapist Randy.  He gave me his opinions on my blog to which I thought silently . . .


Otherwise, I took my friend on some errands and had a good day.


Wednesday I could sense a change in my mind and mood.  On the periphery of my awareness, I could tell something big in my mental state was altered.  I started dissociating and switching.  A storm of a headache was brewing.  There was only one thing I could do to make the headache go away.


Yes, Oprah, I have been sober.  I just meant I needed to sleep off the headache.

After a long night of restful sleep . . .



I woke up Thursday and my moods ping-ponged and changed rapidly.


I guess my mind decided to settle on depression again because it descended and set up camp in my soul.

I reflected on what might be contributing to my low mood, but I didn’t act on the insight into my depression.

Friday was even worse. I was so depressed,  I would not shower


or attend my therapy session with Randy.



But by Friday night, my depression had gotten on my last nerve, and I was ready to move on.


I woke Saturday uninspired but determined to feel better.  I showered, shaved, shampooed my hair, put on makeup, took my medications, got dressed . . .

I know.  TMI.


I still didn’t feel less depressed until later, but it did happen .

My husband Daniel and I walked my dog Maybelline in the afternoon.  Maybelline and I ran together a little.



Saturday night, Daniel took me to a fancy restaurant


and we ate dinner.  Nothing says “love” like waffle fries.


We came home and I got busy writing and playing around with my blog.



Yes.  I made a mistake and accidentally republished a post on my blog, and my readers said . . .



I had just pushed the wrong button on my blog.


No big deal.  I deleted the republished post, and no harm was done.

So that is my week in review with Gifs.  I hope you enjoyed it!  Stay tuned for a new post next week about the glamorous life of our blog.

I’d love to hear from you!

  • How was your week?
  • What do you do for yourself when you are depressed?
  • Do you watch any sports?

Talk to me!

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