i feel sad. this is typical of therapists and anyone in the mental health field. I called my shrink yesterday because I was feeling horrible. I’m taking my meds as prescribed but the last four or five days I’ve dealt with the worst anxiety and panic attacks, especially on T/TR when we have our writing class. I left a message, knowing I wouldn’t hear till later in the afternoon or evening. I left a message saying I was having trouble functioning, the anxiety was extreme, shakes, twitches, restlessness, jumping out of my skin, etc… We all know what anxiety is. She doesn’t call till this morning, I can’t get to the phone, and leaves a message to try out the same antipsychotic she has been trying to push on me since day one. I called her back later this afternoon, crying and shaking the anxiety was so bad. I researched for the millionth time this medication that can cause weight gain and I WILL NOT WILL NOT WILL NOT take it. Her arguement is if someone has an eating disorder it they generally dont’ respond to the cues the med gives them to eat. So fucking what. No way, no how we are putting anything in this body that will even remotely or possibly cause us in any chance to gain weight. The answer I left her was no. Through the tears I asked if she would be willing to use something to augment the tranqs I take 2x a day; the other doctor did and I had no problem with abusing them. Has the Bitch called me back. NO NO NO NO. I feel like crap. My mind is tripping out, I can’t focus, I’m stumbling into walls. I left work early because I couldn’t perform. But she’s too busy to call, and I’m mad because I’m suffering and I need help. I already had major doubts about the mental health system; I know they aren’t perfect, but if on your VM you say you will call before the end of the day, CALL!!!!!!

I just feel like cutting. I threw up earlier. I won’t be gross but it made my body physically sick. I hate throwing up because at this point there isn’t enough energy or focus to last through the work out. I’ve decided it would be pretty to cut a circle around my forearm, like a tattoo. Cirlces are for infinity and for me to cut a circle would signify that we will never stop and that are torment and pain is never ending.

Damn, I sound hacked and depressing. I’m depressing myself.

D. and I are fighting again. He doesn’t understand me and he will tell me that. I can’t f*ing help it. He says one thing, I say another, and then I can’t remember the conversation but the feelings of anger are still there and he gets pissed because I’m pissed but don’t know why I’m pissed. I can tell I’m anxious by the way I’m typing. I’m not taking a break in my sentences.

I got one assignment done today. Hooray for us! One down, six to do. I ought to be working on them but I would rather document for anyone with D.I.D. what NOT to do if you want to get better.

The difference between you and us is that you want to get better. We just want to be special, loved, and cared about. I just realized what a pipe dream that is. If the own husband can’t love us, despite the crazy times and when we don’t know what we’re doing, how will anyone else love us?

That is a sobering and depressing thought. That’s something not too pleasant to think about. Sheila on this line.

We need help. We need someone to help us want help. We don’t want help. We’ll never get better if we don’t want it. so sad. What’s left then?