All Apologies

To my blogging friends,

I feel the overwhelming need to apologize to you. You have been so kind as to offer comments on my blog, and I have not been able to return the feedback.

I am not well. I had an emergency session with my psycho-iatrist today. I’m not sleeping and what few winks I get are filled with nightmares. I can’t focus. I cry easily. I’m depressed. Ya da ya da.

When I’m better you will hear more from me. Please know that I’m reading your blog and staying current with you comments. I hope to be heard soon.

Missing In Sight

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  1. Take care of yourself and come back when you're ready.

    Remember the ice cube trick I mentioned on Twitter last night. Try it out and see how it works for you, OK?

    Thinking of you…

  2. You certainly do not need to apologize. I think, speaking from myself, there are no expectations. I am sorry your nights have been so bad for you. This is a vicious cycle you've gotten yourself into. Think positive thoughts. Accept inside. Hold inside. You will get through this. Even though you have a psycho-iatrist!


  3. Rebecca.

    I miss you. And you can do it! I know recovery is hard. I am struggling now too. but, you are a strong woman. and with the right support, you can get through it. take it one step at a time. I love reading your blogs! I can relate to someone finally.

    keep in touch.

  4. I am so sorry that you are struggling. We will be here for you, if you need to talk or need to vent. I hope you are getting the help you need from your Psychiatrist.

    Be well.

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