Discussing dissociation

I found a blog from a trauma therapist called “Discussing Dissociation” and found a lot of great information on it. I most liked her idea on creating an internal scrapbook for alters to get to know one another in a more creative context. Also, as I looked around her site, she has so much good information that I thought it would be helpful for a lot of people to explore. Take a look. Hope it helps. Take care.

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  1. Hi Missing in Sight,

    Thank you so kindly for mentioning my blog to your readers. It’s a new blog — it’s been around just a bit over a month — but I’ve been trying to keep things busy over there. I’ve been working with dissociation and trauma for over 20 years. I have lots to say, lol.

    I’m glad you liked the scrapbooking idea! It is a really fun way to get to know others inside. And yes, I’m a big believer in being creative, and not staying stuck just in old ways of doing things. Sometimes it can be more effective to approach system work by using fun, or creative ways of talking, or more relaxed ways of sharing information instead of a direct “head on” approach. Inside parts were typically taught to “not talk”. So, it’s important to find other ways that they can “tell without telling”. Creative ways work really well in those situations.

    I hope you keep visiting my blog! And thanks again for the very kind shout out you gave me on your blog. I appreciate that!


    Kathy Broady LCSW


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