I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad

I find it kind of funny. I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which I’m dying Are the best I’ve ever had. Gary Jules – Mad World
Those lyrics are in my head as I contemplate this post.
I find my situation disturbing. I wish it wasn’t happening. What does it say about me? There can be no truth in dreams; if there is, I’m totally sunk. Chocolate VitaTop Muffin, honey yogurt, honey graham gold fish, and blackberries. VitaTop muffins, where have you been all my life?
I feel dirty for even broaching this subject: dreams about Therapist still continue. Hold the phone, people! It’s not those kinds of dreams. There is NO sexual content to these dreams whatsoever. But I still find the dreams about Therapist to be unsettling. If it was a one time dream I would think little of it. But it’s happened a handful of times, and enough is enough.
I went crazy for this wrap. It has veggie chicken, spinach, tomatoes, swiss cheese, veggie bacon (a must try if your vegetarian) and of course avocados. All complemented by green beans and mango.
I can’t always remember the dreams, just a bit here and a bit there. What I do remember of the dreams is that Therapist is being kind in some way. Take for example last’s night’s dream; Therapist was consoling us and talking us through a memory. He talked to us very calmly when we were freaking out; he even offered a hug. (I want to rinse my emotions in bleach to take the filth of that away.)
Sweet potato fries, anybody? More for me, then. Also green beans, a cherry yogurt and a Quorn chik’n patty.
I can’t fathom why we’re having these dreams. I’m petrified of what it says about us. We’ve never before had dreams of a therapist, and we’ve had many mental health professionals come and go. Does this mean we’re too dependent on Therapist? Does this mean there is a growing attachment to him? Does this mean the last bit of resistance is wearing away and we will finally give in to the therapeutic process wholly? Conversely, are we still holding back because we’re trying to distance ourselves from Therapist? URRGGH!
We needed a stress break so we baked some Graham Cracker Bread. It didn’t turn out as good as we wanted but at least it helped us focus on something other than feeling fat. More on feeling fat later.
I’ve always prided myself on not “needing” a therapist: I’m strong, I’m independent, and I can take care of myself. But what if we are needy? Is that such a cardinal sin? In the dreams Therapist is emotionally taking care of us, as if he cared and as if we trusted him. Holy h*ll, what does that say about us?
Leftover graham crackers make and excellent evening snack, along with vanilla soy milk.
A mega monster salad. Filled me up good. Spring Mix, Spinach, Green Bell Pepper, Quorn chik’n patty, vegetarian bacon, quinoa, tomatoes, celery, baby carrots, and edamame. And a few pretzels to get my carbs in.
I don’t eat food that has a face, but I’ll make an exception here. My cute little orange tasted so much better because she was smiling at me.Afternoon snack. The honey goldfish took a swim in my tummy and they were so, so yummy.

My friend Lea and I went to eat dinner after A.N.A.D. This was my first time eating out at an “unsafe” place. I didn’t know the calorie content of anything I ate. I panicked a little bit but Lea was able to talk me through it.For an appetizer, we had Tiger Edamame. Sautéed in garlic, these were a great way to start the meal.I forgot to take a pic before I started eating so the picture didn’t portray a complete amount of what I ate. It was good and I ate it all. Though now I feel gluttonous and guilty. I came home and immediately looked up the nutritional info to appease my anxiety.
All in all, whatever their meaning, we are having dreams of Therapist. We like the way we feel in the dream because it feels safe, but we don’t want the dreams because it feels like it’s improper and like we’re crossing a line. Whatever the case, I’m angry, angry, angry because it now appears Therapist has this control over us. And I’m angry with us for being needy.
What about you? Do you have dreams about your therapist? Do you feel it crosses a line to have dreams about him/her.

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  1. I am actually relieved that you are also having dreams with your therapist in them. My T is a woman, so this might be slightly different, but I am still having dreams with her in them. A couple months ago it was every single night – always her offering emotional support, or helping us work through something really hard, or just providing a "safe" place. I still have dreams with her in them, but it isn't every night like before. Sometimes I wonder if it is because we are so attached to her or we are afraid of losing her or what. Anyway… I'm also having dreams about my T and I thought I would share that.


  2. Thanks, Bee. I'm glad you shared this because it makes me not feel like so much freak of nature. I don't know if you mentioned your dreams to your therapist by my therapist said it was normal and indicated a growing sense of safety in the therapuetic environment.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I have LOTS of dreams about both of my therapists. I don't worry about the fact that I have them anymore, but I did at first. Now they give me valuable information about how I am feeling in therapy.

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