April 30th

Yesterday was such a beautiful, warm and sunny day that I decided to plant some flowers. I love flowers but do not have a knack for keeping them alive. That only thing that thrives in my garden are weeds. Nevertheless, things can change and I chose some flowers that are appropriate for where I’m planting them. I can’t tell the names of the flowers I planted because I just don’t know. But here are some lovely pics.
This is the before picture. Hence, my lovely weeds.

And the flowers (alive before I get to them) from Lowe’s.
And here is the finished product:
This is my fave.
And coming in 2nd:
This next one doesn’t look as good but I’m still happy with it.
I also went to Trader Joe’s last night and was SO disappointed. I thought it would be like a Whole Foods, but it was so small and had a very limited selection of produce and vegetarian products. However, I did come across a small find:
(Sorry for the grainy picture.) This “peanut butter” is to die for. It’s smooth, creamy, and lower in fat than regular peanut butter. I heated some up with a muffin and yogurt this morning, along with strawberries and it was so yummy.
I’m trying to keep my recovery interesting and not so boring by trying new food products.
Question of the day: Is there a food product that you just go crazy for? Where do you like to grocery shop?

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