Dueling emotions

I’m not well. I’m in a terminal bad mood. I can’t wiggle out of it. It has cornered me all day.

The thing is, I’m angry and sad. I don’t know how I can be both at the same time. I know I would feel better if I could just have a good cry but authentic feelings escape me. I’m not in charge of feelings. I’m living on borrowed time, borrowed memories, borrowed emotions. There’s nothing organic about me. If I feel happy it’s b/c someone inside feels happy; if I feel depressed, it’s b/c someone inside feels depressed. I’m just a shell. I’m a big, fat blank.

Even my words sometimes are not my own. I’ll be speaking and hear someone else’s words come out. I never know the source.

Establishing internal communication has been difficult. I don’t know who I am from one minute to the next. I wrote a letter to my members about how I’m scared of them. I apologized and stated all my reasons for being afraid: I don’t want to lose control, I’m afraid I won’t recover, I’m afraid of their pain.

I don’t want to be afraid of them. I want to want to get to know them. Everyone says to just keep trying. Keep talking to them. Keep treating them as a friend, someone you literally have to get to know. It’s so damn hard. I am so empty.

I feel like I’m treated like a child. I’m one of them, can’t they see that. I feel alone in my system, like nobody likes me. Inside feels like a very unsafe to be.

I feel like I’m banging my head on a wall. All I want to do is cry, cry, cry.

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