Going home via Blue Ridge Parkway

After spending six happy days with our family, it was time to head home.

Time to say goodbye to our family. Goodbye is so bitter-sweet. I’m ready to go home, but not ready to leave the family behind. I lov eyou, all!

Here’s C. and O. goofing off on Blue Ridge Parkway. Good times.

C. is pointing out the monolith that you can barely see in the background. Mono what? She had to explain to me what a monolith was. And I’m in school to be a teacher? In my defense, I’m an English Ed major, not a Science Ed major.

All the hiking and walking on the trails have these two tired out. Sorry, girls. The best is yet to come. Hope you get a second wind.

Here we are on the watershed in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s rocky and wet. O. is a little wet from slipping. The water is fun to walk on, but really slippery. At least she had a good attitude about it and went on with exploring the rocks and waterfall.

This is the bottom of the watershed. The waterfall is beautiful. It was such a gorgeous day; people were swimming in the “pool”, laying out on the rocks, and having picnics. It was so much fun it made the long drive worth it.

Here’s another look at the waterfall. It’s pretty steep. You can also see how dangerous it is to climb the rocks, and I had on flip flops!! Not exactly hiking shoes.

Here’s O. taking a little rest, sitting in the sun trying to dry off. Poor child! I’m not good with uploading photos yet, so you’ll have to crank your head to see her. Sorry!

C. is taking a little rest, too. Hi, C! I love you!

Here are my girls back on top of the watershed. We are all tired. It was quite a walk!

In the van to go home, I turned around and saw both girl, including Twizzler, our dog, passed out. O. was scared I would take pictures of her (she knows me well) so she’s hiding under her blanket. I’ll get her back later! 🙂

Twizzler woke up and decided to drive us home. Thanks, Twiz! Only one speeding ticket!

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