grasping at air

there are f e w words.
went through R.A.D. self defense simulations yesterday
flashbacks    terror     crying
13 hours later still not okay
still crying  still scared    still terrified
need safe hugs   need peace    need for it all to go away
need to cope   bad ideas in mind  
need help   need to talk     but there are no words
i’m silenced just like then
oh, god, how i need help

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1 thought on “grasping at air”

  1. Hi M.I.S.,

    I was wondering how you'd get through the self defence simulations… I'm so sorry it was so triggering.

    Keep repeating to yourself that you are now safe… You did the course to try and help you defend yourself, if needed. You're not hurt. You can get through this…

    I'm so sorry…

    Sending positive thoughts and (((warm safe hugs))) your way,

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