The Reveal

Today Husband, my daughter, her brother, and I went to a water park, which meant bathing suit time, which meant The Reveal.Breakfast this morning was different. I’ve heard good things about steel cut oats so I decided to try them. I like the oats themselves. They are chewy and a bit grainy. I didn’t like the toppings I threw in, such as the soy milk. However, oats and almond butter is always an exceptional choice together.
I felt incredibly self-conscious. I could feel everyone’s eyes boring into me, passing judgment on my hideous form. Still, I tried not to care. I told myself that what everyone thinks of me is none of my business, but the self-talk didn’t last long.
After a long, hot day at the water park, all I wanted was something cool and refreshing. A goat cheese and cucumber sandwich was all the trick, in addition to my salad monster and mango.
Standing in line for the rides, I felt as if I were on display. The crowds come pushing in to take a look, to stake their claim on a good stare at me. I tried to reassure myself that they weren’t staring at my generous scars or my “healthy” body weight. I tried to think of everything else they could be looking at. Maybe they were looking at my flawless fair skin or my awesome tattoos or my highly coveted muscles or my tricked out swimsuit. But I couldn’t make myself believe it. I know why they were looking at me, and I have no one else to blame.
I was all over my snack tonight. Oikos honey yogurt, and Pumpkin seed and Flax granola. Someone else enjoyed the Oikos, too.My doggie.

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  1. Yummmmm. this whole day's meals looked and sounded great! I wish I felt like fixing something like that. I'm not into cooking anymore and … it shows.

  2. Great for you! There are so many people that wouldn't go to the water park with their family out of the fear etc.. You did it. Proud you should feel! People who stare are just plain rude! That was a brave thing you did/I hope you are very proud.

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