Trip to Tenneessee

Still writing from Tenneesee. We are a little crowded in the van, even with the two middle seats taken out. These are two faces only a mother could love, and I love them very, very much.

On the other side of Twizzler and O. is our other god-daughter, C. She’s sleeping and drooling all over my pillows.

This black blob is Sam.

He is adequately tranq’d for both his and my benefit. He is never this mellow. He’s lying on the floor where we took the two middle seats out. That’s my Strawberry Shortcake blanket he’s bogarting. How could I refuse him?

Somewhere under here is our god-daughter, O. , and our other dog, Twizzler, who is too prissy to get on the floor.

Twizzler is totally monopolizing the backseat like good dogs do. a little camera shy. “Mom” she cries.

As a side note, they are African American and we are Caucasian. Info. just in case you read our profile.

Things are slightly better at the moment, but we spent the day in bed. I’m totally proud of our abiility to transfer pictures to our computer and put them on Flickr and on the blog, so you’ll be seeing more pics in the future.
We are switching more. and I think that is due to the one member staying in bed all day. Once we started switching we got up and got on-line and showered. We never made it to Panera. Our streak is broken. Heaven help us.
More to write later.

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