I’m once, twice, three times a purger…

I lied. I’ve actually purged four times today. I hate Sundays. There is no structure. D. is home and hovering and watching what I eat. I had the merciful luck that he went and worked outside in the yard. I ate just a little and up it came. It wasn’t like I was binging. I was just eating a little then purging it. I can’t stand the feeling of food in my body. Not working out only makes it worse. Drenched in sweat, I feel I’m cleansing myself of all the literal and psychological filth that paints me dirty and leprous. But the feeling after I workout, though sick and wobbly, is one of elation. I feel clean and pure and absolutely wonderful.

I’m getting sicker. I say that for the erudition of my fellow bloggers. My T. gets this blog in an e-mail, but what I write is not and never will be for him.

So we saw “Rachel Getting Married” at the movies last night. My suicidal alter loved it. Over all, it wasn’t a great film; the editing was pathetic and the cinematography was nauseating. Between the close ups and the hand held camera walking all over the place it had a strong documentary feel that just fell short. But one of my teens that is suicidal loved Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of an addict getting out of rehab after ten months. My alter felt she was in the right skin.

Which makes me wonder for each alter. How do they feel about sharing the body? Do they all seek to find fictional skins and outer structures to embody; are they clawing to escape and feel they can escape to a world where it’s just them? I know B.K., my suicidal teen, is in a mess these days and I’m not sure she grasps the idea if she kills herself she kills us all.

Her response is how frustrating and claustrophobic it makes her. I guess she does understand the lack of separation between self and state. How sad for her. Her one comfort in the world, death, is a punishment for the rest of us. At least the littles can deal with their sadness with their sticker book and drawing and hide-a-pictures. One of the teen shops on-line, but she is beginning to understand finances and has stopped spending, although like some window shops, she screen shops b/c she shops on-line. So many alters not feeling comfortable coming out.

So my heart hurts and I’ve been wanting to cry for a few days but nothing happens. There is nothing to pinpoint that makes me want to cry…. I take that back. There were a couple of highly charged items we journaled about but the writing was robotic. It was from our Public Relations alter who seldom shows emotion. Lord knows the other alters are trying to push it away, stuff it down through restriction and purging.

This lifestyle just doesn’t work anymore and I want to get marathon treatment for this relapse because, come August, I’m back in school. School can either be a savior or an enemy. The pressure, the pressure, the pressure. I need to be in tip-top shape to be strong enough for school. And maybe this we won’t cry at getting a B. I long for school. I’m at home at school.

I’m growing irate and irritable with myself while I’m writing out this post. Yes, g*d dam*it, I have alters contributing. why let that bother me? Because I’m not reaching any emotion. I am so damn robotic. So empty, so blank. I’ve always been blank, their shadow, their mouthpiece to the world. Taken advantage of in my role. I deserve to cry. I deserve to feel and meld with my alters. I’m tired of being on automatic and programmed. I need more.

I do, I do, I do want more. How would you know it from today? I will get better. You wouldn’t know if from today. I’m sure there will be more days like this. But I have to get better. I’m shriveling up inside, dying more and more each day. I wonder if anyone understands how I try. I just can’t do this on my own. I can’t do this here. I can’t do this with out self sacrifice.

I just want a tear. I’ll fell better if I can conjure up a tear.

Can anyone help me? Feedback if you could. I’m so heavy in the heart; it won’t be long.

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  1. Hi Missing in Sight!

    I feel my own sorrow for not being able to respond to your post at the time when your heart was at the brink of finding a way to express your sadness.

    I remember my own struggles with finding “creative” (as synonym for non-selfdestructive, to be sincere:) ) ways of expressing emotions.

    I can remember my wonder at finding it (unexpectedly) in the five rhythms expressive dance.

    It offered my alters new unexpected possibilities for expressing their own emotions.

    I wonder if you find body-based practices – like working out but more “creative” – a good way of letting your alters express their emotions?

  2. What comes to mind for me when not being able to feel or express emotions……..I drew them. Tears on paper were better than no tears at all. It actually turned out to be a good place to start.

    Don’t know if it will work for you, but it’s worth a try if tears are really want you want.

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