The Missing In Sight Theme

The Perishers, featuring Sarah McLauchlan

One may think we’re alright
We need pills to sleep at night
We need lies to make it through the day
We’re not okay

One may think we’re doing fine
But if I had to lay it on the line
We’re losing ground with every passing day
We’re not okay

That’s one thing I would never
That’s one thing I would never
That’s one thing I would never
Say to you.


Music says it best these days. I’m fading out of sight. I am a riddle, a rhyme, a cryptogram. If you can figure me out then you get to keep me. I don’t want me, but maybe I’ll be a good girl for you and you’ll keep me. For now, something is missing and I’m all alone.

I sit with no satifaction. There is no saving what you have forgotten. At least do me the honor of a tear. Maybe someday you’ll look up and realize I was really missing. Once I was sacrificed, there was never going back.

Get me out of here. I went willingly but I changed my mind. Once again, the pleas “no” don’t mean “no”. I ache all over again. I feel it over again. Please, just kill off what they started. We’ll close our eyes and no one will ever have to know. Familiar words laced with booze. Fuck them.

I hate this nightmare that confiscates me. The more I try, the less I become.

Something is missing. Children sacrificed. You’ve forgotten, but I know how unimportant and insignificant we have been. Can’t you tell we’re gone? Do you even try for me?

I die to know that you could love me. You look at me and I breathe deep, (hoping), but you see right through me because we are missing in sight and it hurts like hell. Please forgive me.

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  1. Are those Sarah’s lyrics? If so, she always gets things right, doesn’t she?

    I haven’t forgotten about a post I was going to do on song lyrics. I’ll get around to it one of these days.

    Take care!

  2. Missing, this is so beautifully heartwrenching arousing deep sympathy it makes me want to cry.

    Please don’t feel guilty of making someone feel bad. It IS my responsibility what I choose to feel. And I choose to feel with you.

    Why I choose to feel with you?

    Because I know I am able to. Because I know I can… you can insert here the 8th word from the beautiful paragraph of yours, the one that begins with “I die to know…”. (In both cases it is same, since I believe love is an ability to feel with somebody no matter how extreme seems the feelings.)

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