I learned today that I can’t cry tears. I must not have been born with tear ducts. I know how silly that sounds but I also know I haven’t cried in months and I’m about due. I’m not ashamed to bawl my eyes out in front of others. I’m also not depressed to the point my tears are hijacked.

Another thought: could my medications be causing my inability to cry?

It’s all because of them: the alters. I am simply their vessal, their conduit. I am nothing more than a blank slate to them. Any emotion I feel is generously provided by them. I have no emotion of my own originality. My identity, my existance, my substance is solely reliant upon them. I feel sad only when another alter whom is sad is present. I only feel anger when an angry alter comes forth. It is quite frustrating. I want to be myself in my own right. I don’t want to ride the wave of emotions my alters give me.

They steal my tears, my thoughts, my decisions. I have nothing left for them to take. I can offer nothing that they don’t have already. And do they give anything? No. Hell to the NO. I don’t get any information about who they are, why they are, or how they are. I want to know them. I journal to them. When I feel another alter present with me or bearing down on me I journal and ask questions of them to try to get to know them. I feel like I get nothing back.

I asked one thing of them: when they are present to please give me a name or some other identifying mark so I could keep up with them. That didn’t go over to well with them. No one wants to be identified. It’s too dangerous.

So for too long I’ve felt stuck in therapy. I’m unmotivated and unsure where to go now. Today was so unproductive for me at the hospital. In fact, it was worse than unmotivating. It was triggering. One of the women in my group made a comment of a sexual nature and it brought bad memories to us. We were triggered right before heading into lunch. It raised our anxiety through the roof.

But I’m getting side tracked. I hate myself so much for not being further along in therapy. The only real progress I made was in residential treatment. Right now, I’m flat and burnt out in the partial hospitalization program. I’m getting nothing out of the groups. Everything they are doing I’ve already done before, that’s how f-ing long I’ve been there. The only reason I keep going is for the structure around meals and snacks. Without that, I would be starving myself and exercising constantly.

I don’t know what to do. I feel really despondant, hopeless, unmotivated, and stuck. I need help with my alters and how often we dissociate. I feel that time will never come. I need the alters help and they won’t budge. They’ve fallen silent and will speak nothing. I only want to know who is sharing this body. That’s not too much to ask for.