Welcome to Music Monday.  Today’s song is “Never Give Up”, released at the beginning of 2017 by Australian singer Sia.  Anybody who’s been in recovery for any amount of time knows that recovery takes much of you without asking, exhausts you without reprieve, and makes you just want to give up trying and not look back.   “Never Give Up” is based on the movie Lion, a true story of a five-year-old boy who gets lost and can’t find home.  He faces heartbreaking obstacles and dangers until he is adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty five later, he sets out to find his home and lost family.  Through the struggles, obstacles, and sacrifices he makes, he never gives up looking.

To understand Sia’s lyrics and how it relates to this phenomenal movie is about, please watch the attached  link to view one of the trailers.

“Never Give Up” is an inspirational anthem of tenacity and determination that we can all relate to whether having seen the movie or not (though I recommend seeing the movie.)  “Never Give Up” explores with enthusiasm, power, and hope themes of persevering,  endurance, and having grit to last through the tough times.

The uptempo beat alone is empowering and inspiring.  The untamed energy drives through it’s musical notes, inspiring us all to muster up the energy to keep on and to NEVER GIVE UP.  The verses and chorus are short, powerful, and explosive, driving the rhythm and issuing a rallying call to us all that we must keep on going, despite the obstacles, and never give up.

The lyrics that are especially poignant are when she writes:

“I’ve battled demons that won’t let me sleep.”  

All of us in recovery battle our own demons that keep us awake at night.  Whether we are dealing with physical, sexual, or verbal abuse, substance abuse, overwhelming anxiety, shyness, depression, bipolar disorder, dissociation, eating disorders, etc . . . life is difficult for us at best.  Sia shares in those demons that have bothered her, but notice how she deals with those demons.


“But I won’t never give up, no, never give up, no, no.” x 2.

Sia says that no matter what happens, no matter how tired she is, or how challenging the road ahead, she will not, under any circumstances, give up.


“And I won’t let you get me down / I’ll keep gettin’ up when I hit the ground / Oh, never give up, no, never give up, no, no”

The “you” to whom she is referring when she sings, “And I won’t let you get me down,” could be anyone or anything.  Substitute your own battle.  What will you not let get you down?  What will you fight for in recovery?    And will you get back up when attempts at recovery don’t go as planned and you fall and hit the ground?  Will you get back up?  How?

I think it’s important not to gloss over these questions.  Our recovery needs to be real to us.  We need to be able to see ourselves recovering, so, in all honesty and with love, if we can’t answer questions regarding our own recovery, then we need to reevaluate what we are willing to do to attain recovery.


“I’ll find my way home, find my way home, oh, oh, oh” x4

Home can be a literal or figurative destination.  In Lion, home was Saroo’s village in Calcutta.

For me in my recovery, home is when I can live in my body and skin with peace, tranquility, and cooperation.

Your home can be anything you want it to be.  It can be where you literally live, it can be your support group, it can be like mine: a state of mind, of being.


“Never Give Up” by Sia is an inspirational anthem that reminds us to keep moving forward, never look back no matter how bad things get, and be determined to NEVER GIVE UP.

Five Ways to Never Give Up

  1. Remember why you started.  Remember when you were miserable and you’d give anything to be happy and “normal,” and realize if you give up you will be right back in the misery.
  2. Your vibe is your tribe, so keep yourself surrounded by people support your recovery and will HELP YOU when you need it, not just meet you for the occasional cup of tea/coffee.
  3. Look at those in recovery whom you admire.  Talk to them.  Ask them questions.  Find out from them what keeps their recovery going.
  4. Know you will have setbacks.  You aren’t perfect, so you’re recovery won’t be either.  Know that.  When you have a setback, don’t wallow in it.  Get up immediately and do the next right thing to take care of yourself.  If you’re not in recovery, you’re in relapse.
  5. Listen to the wise words of American poet Maya Angelou. “If you don’t like something; change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”  In other words, if we can’t change our circumstances, then we need to change our attitude.  That simple.  Sometimes in recovery things may not go our way.   That IS NOT a reason to give up.  In recovery it means accept things the way they are and moving on.

Let me hear from you!  

What do you practice so you don’t give up on recovery?

What advice would you give someone who want to give up?

Random question: Do you like sweet or sour candy?